Information for Promoters

Halftix in Melbourne: Australia’s longest continually running discount ticket service (operating since ’round 1983), is the best located Ticket office in Melbourne. Our service is free for promoters and venues to use.

The only discount show ticket retail outlet in Australia, we actively seek to promote your event and sell tickets. We can do this inhouse, via our website, newsletter list, social media and we may include you on our daily email sent out to hotel concierges and tourist services.

Traditionally an over the counter service, you can opt for this, or we can also now offer online sales.

We can give you a log in to check sales, access customer names and numbers and change allocations to us. You can remove an allocation with us if you want to take them back no worries.

Many sales are on the day of the event, the idea being to fill some seats that would otherwise go empty. We can however sell within any timeframe you like.

For more information, or to register an event for sale, contact us at